Contemplation: Revisit Your Favourite Holiday Destination!

In The Secrets of Mindful Beauty we share many mindfulness and meditation techniques that can enhance our lives. One of these is contemplation. Not only will it help you appreciate where and who you are right now, it can also help you make the most of your holidays, by appreciating where you’ve travelled, time and time again.

Contemplation is a practice similar to meditation, although it has some differences. Meditation requires some focus; we concentrate on our breath, or on a mantra or prayer, or perhaps a particular picture or symbol. In contrast, contemplation lets our thoughts roam free. It means to ‘survey with the eyes or the mind’. The word contemplate comes from the Latin contemplari which was linked to the word templum or temple, in which an augury or oracle resided. An augury was someone who could divine signs and symbols. Contemplation accesses the temple of your mind through the temple of your body.

Contemplation is a useful complement to mindfulness. It may appear to be doing nothing, when you’re actually doing a lot. It can seem no more than day-dreaming. Rather, it is a way of widening your eyes to what you see. In Sanskrit, this is known as dharma – opening ourselves to the world and what we experience.

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