Beaches I have loved by Michelle Douglas #Giveaways

Sarah and the Secret Sheikh is set in the fictional Arabian country of Keddah Jaleel, and while I’d love to show you pictures of my adventures in that part of the world, I’ve never had the opportunity to experience it (maybe one day).

The desert sounds so magical, doesn’t it? But I haven’t been outside my own country in over four years! However, Keddah Jaleel does have the most spectacular coastline…and those who know me know how much I love the beach. It doesn’t really matter which beach—I pretty much love them all. So today I thought I’d share some of my favourite beaches with you. 




My childhood beach was in the tourist hamlet of Tuncurry, which is just over two hours North of Newcastle (which is where I live). This particular spot is called The Rock Pool (though it’s more a netted beach than an actual rock pool), and is very child friendly. It’s tucked into the mouth of the harbour, bordered by the breakwater, and it’s not unusual to see dolphins frolicking in the harbour on the other side of the net. J (This spot featured in my 2011 release, The Secretary’s Secret).

The Rock Pool, Tuncurry…with the iconic Forster and Tuncurry bridge in the background


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