Hike to Mt Korobaba, Fiji with Shariya

Have you ever had one of those nights, when you’re sitting with a group of your closest friends, and a crazy, wild idea randomly gets thrown into the conversation? Then everyone looks at each other with a cheeky gleam in their eyes and comes to a common, (and insane) conclusion………. ‘Let’s DO IT!’.

This was one of those ideas.

Hiking to Mount Korobaba was no easy task, and may have resulted in fatality for the ill-hearted. The journey according to a smartphone pedometer was approximately 12 kilometers. 

The area was carpeted with lush green shrubs and crackling brown leaves. Light filtered through the magnificently tall trees and provided some warmth as we sauntered through the jungle.

The expedition consisted mostly of grabbing firmly on to branches and wishing with every fiber in our body that it does not break. Apart from the frequent near-death experiences, the trek was incredible.

The adrenaline rush was rewarding and had surpassed any feeling of regret that may have invaded our minds. There were some areas that had a 90-degree incline, and the only way forward was to pull ourselves up by grabbing tree roots. The true sensation of achievement was when we reached the top, the view was beyond extraordinary. We firmly tied our Friendship flag and took an hour to devour the sight.





The mountain is located in a town called Lami, which is very close to the capital city Suva, Fiji. It’s not a common tourist spot, but rather a ‘rite of passage’ for the young and driven university students. My friends and I took with us: bottles of water, snacks, sunscreen, jogging shoes, and a pair of regular flip flops to aid in the muddy areas. We also took a change of clothes, which most of us didn’t utilize.

On our way down, we took an alternative pathway. The intent was to have a swim in the great waterfall. But, since we went on a sunny day with slight showers, the waterfall was not so magnanimous. The pools of water, however, was deep enough to cause palpitations in our non-drown proof bodies.




The mission was complete. I was in awe of what we had accomplished that day, and I wouldn’t have done it with any other group of individuals. The journey was not only filled with fun and laughter, it also satisfied a deep seeded desire for adventure and the wilderness.

If asked to hike again, I’m sure none of us would agree to it… I mean, who climbs Mount Everest twice right?

For anyone seeking adventure accompanied by an over-whelming adrenaline rush, Mt Korobaba is the place for you.




 Shariya Singh
Final Year Medical Student, consumed by wanderlust and the magic in the world. Traveling and sharing my adventures here! 

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