Travel to Greece with Kandy Shepherd

We swam the beautiful waters of The Minoan Trail in Crete

In early October 2016 we travelled to Crete, the largest island in Greece, for a swimming holiday.

For six days my husband and I swam in the open water in the south of the island, based in the seaside village of Sfakia, on a guided swim tour. Swimming in supervised groups, we explored crystal clear waters, swam into limestone caves, admired the dramatic, ancient coastline and lunched daily on traditional Greek food at tavernas accessible only from the water. Fabulous in every way!

This was the second swim we did in Greece with the swim tour group The Big Blue Swim—we loved it so much last year we went back. Last year’s swim was based in the northern Greek island of Lefkada. That was our first-ever trip to Greece and we loved everything about it. We couldn’t wait to go back for a second visit. Now we’re hoping for a third before too long!

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