Travel to Hong Kong with Joanne Dannon

Here in Australia, we are far away from America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. However, we are close to Asia and this is a popular destination for us Australians to visit.
My husband travels a lot and spends a few months every year in Hong Kong. I have been fortunate to join him on his work trips and we’ve taken our children with us a few times.
What’s so great about Hong Kong? Everything! The people are very nice and welcoming, the city is clean (and safe!), the food is delicious, the signs are in English (and Chinese), the public transport is brilliant plus, there’s so much culture to see and enjoy!
Not only is Hong Kong a wonderful destination for a family it’s also great to go there as a couple or for singles. 
Most locals speak some English so it’s easy to get around, plus the signage is clear everywhere. The best way to get around is on foot or public transport. There are plenty of taxis and they are well priced however, with the traffic, it can sometimes be quicker to walk.

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