Travel to London with Liz Fielding #BookGiveaway

My very special day out was not exotic for me – I’ve been visiting London all my life – but I know it’s a “bucket-list” destination for many people, even those living in the UK – and I want to share my very special day out on a very hot summer day.


It was a play-date with my daughter and grandchildren and the one thing we were determined to do was take a trip on the London Eye. The important thing if you’re planning a trip to London in the summer holidays is to pre-book your ticket. You can do this on the internet – you get a confirmation email that you take to the office alongside the Eye and they will give you your tickets. They also have a place to safely leave buggies since you can’t take them on the Eye. You can pre-book fast boarding for a little extra and I’m very glad we did that because the queue was very long.


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