Cruise to Tivua Island, Fiji with Shariya

Where and how did you go?  15301269_1519904674693603_1570324236_n

Fiji has more than 300 hundred islands, I recently sailed to one of these islands, called Tivua Island,which is a hidden paradise near the west coast of Fiji. The journey was made possible by Captain Cook Cruises, which departs daily from Port Denarau Marina. It only took 90 minutes for the magnificently tall ship, Ra Marama to glide through the pristine waters and reach the beautiful, picturesque destination.

Tivua Island
Tivua Island from a distance








What was your experience?

Tivua Island
Tropical Buffet

Tivua Island

 The experience was truly extraordinary and, the scenes are breath-taking. The cruise included guided snorkelling and glass-bottomed boat tours, use of canoes, a kava ceremony, volleyball, fish feeding, hammocks, a guided medicine walk, morning and afternoon tea, music and entertainment, a coconut husking demonstration, beach volleyball,  tropical buffet lunch, beer, wine and soft drinks whilst on the island. 

The tropical buffet consisted of fish, chicken and sausage from the BBQ, as well as iced salads and assorted fruits. It was a delicious meal, which generously provided the needed energy for the day’s activities.


My cousin and I went on the glass-bottomed boat tour which was fascinating. The guide who was also a Marine Biologist was extremely friendly and imparted a great deal of knowledge on coral reefs and the various types of fishes found near the island. His jokes made the group laugh which put everyone at ease and
Tivua Islandcomfortable while floating atop of the exquisite collection of marine life.

Tivua Island






Canoeing was extremely fun as my cousin and I ventured out into the ocean and made various attempts to synchronize our rowing. 



Tivua Island

Any advice for people wanting to take this journey?

 My advice would be to GO. Its the perfect summer vacation, which people who are surrounded by work and responsibilities need. The paradise also accommodates for children and provides them with fun activities to do while the parents are indulging in the water sports. 


Tivua Island Any dos and don’ts for people doing this for the first time?

 Do’s: Take your sunscreen, water bottle, a change of clothes, towel and a camera. 

Don’t: Worry about work!


Tivua Island

Tell us about your accommodation?


This, unfortunately wasn’t a feature. The island is so mesmerizing that I’m sure people would want more of, that is, stay a night or two. But it does not have a hotel, or rooms, hence its only used as an oasis for day cruises.

There was however a charming Cabbana. Almost all the groups, had an individual Cabbana, which is a small hut, also referred to as a Bure. It consisted of a few chairs and mats, as well as a bean-bag for people to lay back, relax and enjoy the view. 

Tivua Island
At the Bow of Ra Marama


Anything else you want to add?

There were some additional activities which costed separately.

– Spa Treatments including massage and hair braiding.

– Scuba Diving

Tivua Island

Now let’s deal with Prices!

The Day Cruise is $209 FJD for an Adult, and $138 FJD for a Child (3-15 years).

The Scuba Diving is an additional $165-250 FJD

There are specials provided for Wedding Groups, where the Bride and Groom pay half price and receive free champagne, massages and sarongs.

Tivua Island



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