Travel to Cairns, Australia with Nasreen

We were in Sydney so decided to take a side trip to Cairns. Cains is a city in the tropical North Queensland in Australia. We used a domestic airline and on reaching Cairns airport,20140811_135154 took a shuttle to our hotel.  

Our hotel didn’t have a lift which I should have checked before booking. Tip: Always check when booking online.

We were given a room on the third floor and had to heft all our suitcases by ourselves. Lucky we had left our bigger suitcase in Sydney and only carried a small suitcase each.

As we had arrived in early morning we had to wait around to check in. We left our suitcases at the reception and went to see around Cairns township.20140812_132543

It was the month of August and winter in Australia yet Cairns was not that cold. The weather was more like the tropical country where we are from. And we saw trees which we hadn’t yet known grew in Australia like tamarind tree. 20140812_124201

The city itself is located beside the sea. Cairns Esplanade is lined with bars, hotels and restaurants. There’s a beautiful salt-water swimming lagoon. There are good places to eat and good hotels and restaurants. So accommodation and food is plentiful. I loved walking through the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park.

There are various tours and trips advertised for tourists to the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef system and the Daintree National Park which goes through gorges, mountainous rainforest and beaches.

Tip: Walk with a partner while walking the streets at night after dinner. Photos: Copyright Nasreen.

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