Travel to La Gomera, Canary Islands with Christy McKellen

La Gomera

I’ve been to La Gomera in the Canary Islands for a winter break a couple of times now with my husband. While it’s not *hot* hot in the early months of the year, the temperature in the day usually reaches around the mid twenties (centigrade) which is more than warm enough to lie out in the sun for me (being a hardy Brit).

The island is the least touristy of the Canary Islands and in order to get to the other side of it where we stayed in Valle Gran Rey we had to get a taxi to drive us through dense forest of the Garajonay National Park along tight windy roads (a bit of a hairy experience!). Once you get there though it’s a really relaxed place where people gather on the beach in the evening to watch the sun sink below the sea-skyline. The bars and cafes are very chilled and serve a great range of locally sourced food and drink.

Any advice for people wanting to take this journey?

Be prepared for a bus/taxi ride, then a ferry ride, then another longish bus/taxi ride after your plane lands. It’s worth it though, believe me!

La Gomera Beach

Any dos and don’ts for people doing this for the first time?

Do take flip-flops for walking on the black sand beaches, they can get hot on the soles of your feet! Don’t leave it to the morning of departure to try and find a taxi to take you back to the ferry port, there aren’t many of them around what with it being a small island.

Any tricks and tips you think people should know before embarking on this particular journey?

Take lots of books to read and allow yourself to relax into the slow pace of life. If naturist sunbathing is your thing, check out the Playa del ingles beach at the end of the road with the same name. If it’s not, be prepared to see naked bodies if you go there! J


Sunset at La Gomera

Tell us about your accommodation?

The first time we went we stayed in a really lovely hotel on the beach with a roof terrace with an outdoor pool and loungers, but the second time we opted to stay in an airbnb apartment, which was a lot cheaper and only a few paces further down the road. Both were fabulous experiences.

Anything else you want to add?

We had such a wonderful, relaxing time on La Gomera. There are some gorgeous walks on the island if you get restless, but otherwise, go and chill!




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