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Dani Central Park

My husband and I live in a very rural corner of BC Canada, and love it, but my husband has always had some city-mouse in him. So when we got the chance to go to New York for a writer’s conference, I had to take him.

What can I say? I am not a city-mouse. I love my scenery and long walks on quiet country roads, but I can definitely say I Heart New York. What an amazing place!

Statue of Liberty

We were there in July, arriving with a heat wave that nearly smothered us with humidity, but we had a little booklet of coupons and were determined to use it as our guide. That put us on a cruise around Manhattan which was probably the most temperate place we could have found for sight-seeing and was the most delightful way to introduce us to the city. We saw the skyline, the Statue of Liberty, all the bridges and the place where Sully landed on the Hudson.

Our little coupon book also sent us up the Empire State Building, which I think is one of those things you have to do at least once, but we’d heard the view was nicer from 30 Rock and that was definitely a less crowded experience, but I wouldn’t say better or worse, just a different perspective.

Of course we went to a Broadway show (Kinky Boots) and ate cheesecake and never had a bad meal anywhere. My

NY Skyline

husband is the king of mass transit so we took off to the Village one day, and walked the highline, and visited all the museums, all courtesy of our coupons.

We took a friend’s advice and did parts of Central Park on our way to our daily destinations, rather than trying to ‘do’ Central Park in a single day. This was a great way to see different parts of the park.

I think the walking made this trip such a good fit for me. I love walking and I learned to walk like a local, not pulling up to apologize the way we would here in Canada. You learn very quickly to dodge and weave as part of the whole.

One day we even, by blind luck, watched the President’s motorcade drive by. President Obama was visiting the Daily Show, apparently. We stood at the rails for a couple of hours until the parade zipped past in a matter of seconds, but it was worth it to chat up some locals and we were even directed to a mighty fine pub for our dinner that evening.

Our coupon book didn’t save us much money, but it did give us a goal. There is so much to do, I think we could have spent half the trip in our hotel room, researching and deciding. As it was, we no sooner entered our hotel room and we wanted to leave again, simply to be out among the hustle and bustle.

Dani Collins on top of the Empire State Building

Go ahead and drink the water from the tap. I did not expect it to be very good, but it was.

 Pay the price for a decent comedy club. We bought tickets from a guy on the street and it was fine. I had always wanted to see comedy at a New York club, but it was pretty dingy and they make you buy two drinks. It wasn’t a bad experience, but could have been better.

Do ride the subway. It really is part of the NY experience, but also plan on walking a lot.

Will Farrell in Elf was right. The yellow ones don’t stop. Stay alert when crossing streets.

We were lucky enough to stay at the Marriott in Times Square. It was during a conference so the elevators overloaded during dinner hour, but a concierge escorted a group of us through the service elevators to keep things moving. The hotel had a revolving restaurant which was a nice way to end our stay.

Expect it to be expensive, but worth every penny.



Dani Collins

USA Today Bestselling author Dani Collins has written thirty romances for Harlequin Presents, Montana Born and herself. She lives in Canada with her high school sweetheart. Given they are now empty-nesters, she hopes to have more travel posts soon.

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7 thoughts on “Travel to New York, USA with Dani Collins March

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    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us Dani! And congratulations on the releases of your books!

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    Enjoyed this trip to New York! Our experience from Australia was equally awesome. My favourites were the Central Park Zoo and the squirrels in Battery Park! Had great fun on the subway, because everyone was so nice to us. It was party time at our end of the carriages each time. People noticed our accents and were very interested in Aussieland.

    Thank you for sharing,

  • at

    Thanks Nas, thanks Diana,

    Yes, I was surprised how friendly and comfortable I was. My husband went out on a night I was tied up and met some guys at a pub who invited us to a bbq the next night! We weren’t able to make it, but that’s how welcoming people were. I would go back in a heartbeat.

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    Never been to New York and I have always been okay with that. I really like a place that is more laid back and not so busy with lots of rushing around going on. Beautiful pics by the way. Thanks for sharing.

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    My trips to New York have been few, but I loved the hustle and bustle every time I was there. Then again, I enjoy crowds. My husband hates them, so I don’t suppose any more trips to any big city are in my future. It sounds like your trip was fantastic.

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    New York is definitely on my bucket list – but I’ll have to drag hubby kicking and screaming. He’s not a fan of crowds. I’m not a huge fan either but I want to experience the whole crazy, bustling chaos that is NY 🙂


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