Travel to Oregon, USA with Dani Collins

THE OREGON COAST has been a bucket list destination for my husband and I since before we married. We finally did it last September.

We drove from our home in BC Canada, south through Washington State to Oregon, down to the redwood forests, then up the coast of Oregon.  This was an incredible trip!

 Our first night was Hood River, which was a beautiful town and well worth the stop.

 I’ve always wanted to see Crater Lake and made it there the next morning. I highly recommend it! Seeing the lake involves driving around the actual lake, climbing out of the car at various viewpoints, then jumping back in. Be prepared for wind, but also awe and amazement. (Take snacks and take advantage of the bathrooms when you see them!)

Crater Lake

 We overnighted in Medford, and the Redwood Forests were a stunning start to our next day. When we arrived in Brookings, for the actual coast-driving part of our trip, we were directed by a local to a fabulous eatery where we watched sea lions sun and bark while enjoying fabulous chowder.

 From there we worked our way North, dipping into points of interest based on their intriguing names, like The Devil’s Punchbowl, and happening on one where we watched whales feed for about an hour. We could only see their spouts and the odd tail, but that didn’t stop me taking about a million photos of open water and questionable dots and sprays.

 The dunes were amazing and the beaches go on and on. I could have spent months there, it was so beautiful and calming.

But do book ahead! Even though we planned our trip a month in advance, many of the hotels were either sold out or limited selection. Also, book more than one night in a couple of places. We didn’t have a ton of time so we drove every day. We wish we’d had two nights in a few places so we could have spent more time poking around the towns and beach combing.

Don’t rush! The whole point of a holiday like this is to reconnect with nature and enjoy the scenery. I wish we had had a more leisurely pace for our trip.

You can’t pump your own gas in Oregon. It’s against the law. The minute you try, you get yelled at, so just stand there with your credit card and a smile and let them do all the work.

 Also, there’s a little ferry out of Westport, OR into Washington State that saved us some driving time as we headed north back to Canada.

Sunset Canon Beach

 It was very scenic and cute.


We didn’t have a bad stay anywhere. They were all mid-range hotels and had all the typical amenities like complimentary coffee, wifi, etc. If I were to do it again, I would book all ocean view rooms, just because it’s that amazing. You want to spend all your time staring at the water. (At least, I did!)

Inland Oregon was wonderful too! We had a few hours in Bend and needed more. We had a small taste of the drive along the Columbia River, but I’ve heard that’s fantastic scenery all the way to Portland.


I honestly can’t say enough about how great this trip was. My only problem is that we were supposed to be crossing it off the bucket list, but it’s still on there. I want to go back!






Dani Collins

USA Today Bestselling author Dani Collins has written thirty romances for Harlequin Presents, Montana Born and herself. She lives in Canada with her high school sweetheart and, given they are now empty-nesters, hopes to have more travel posts soon.


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12 thoughts on “Travel to Oregon, USA with Dani Collins

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    how lucky to approach your dream destinations!
    your passion for this fantastic place shine throughout the post dear friend!
    i am glad you will be able to visit your favorite place with your dear husband .such moments are so precious in life and in each moment our heart knits the memory with such lovely events.
    i smiled over the law where you mentioned that one cannot pump his own gas so weird.

    Sunset at canon beach is breath taking !
    as you did not remove this marvelous destination from your bucket list i wish you a little more long happy stay there .

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    I have never been to Oregon, but one of my best friends lived there for a few years and I have always wanted to visit. I had no idea you couldn’t pump your own gas there. Sounds like a beautiful place and I appreciate all the advice.

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    I have a friend who comes from Oregon, but I have never been there myself. What looks most appealing about the state is the scenic nature of it, and how beautiful the coast is. It looks so peaceful!

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    You can’t pump your own gas in New Jersey either. Dumb law makers… Beautiful scenery. I’ve always wanted to make that trip, and maybe one day we will…but for now we’re on the OPPOSITE corner of the country, so it’s a bit of a trek. Maybe when the kids are out of the house?


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