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With Valentine’s love in the air, I had to tell you about my trip to Rome. Steeped in history this is a truly beautiful, romantic city, filled with exquisite art and architectural delights at every corner.

We stayed near the Spanish Steps, ideally located in central Rome, and declared by Charles Dickens as the meeting place for artists’ models, dressed in traditional costumes, hoping to catch the attention of a wealthy artist. Unfortunately work was being carried out during our visit so we didn’t see anyone resembling a model or a wealthy artist. But the steps were still impressive. The Trevi Fountain was a short walk away and we admired it in full sunshine and romantic dusk, simply breathtaking.


I can’t begin to tell you every wonderful sculpture, ancient ruin or impressive building we saw during our three days in Rome, but we couldn’t get enough of them. Despite the heat of August, it was a family exploration we all enjoyed and we were unanimous in declaring we would all return to this gorgeous city.


Here, I’ll just share just a few of our highlights.


The Colosseum transported us back in time, with eerie echoes of battles to the death, shadows of killer beasts, cheers from a hungry crowd, and the fear of those men waiting to walk out into the arena. Dating from AD 80 and seating up to fifty-five thousand bloodthirsty spectators, this is an immense arena. The queues were depressingly long, but the experience was worth every minute of wait.


As a Christian, I wasn’t going to travel to Rome without visiting the Vatican. I was left breathless with the glory of it all, from architecture of spectacular brilliance to paintings and sculptures of inspiring beauty, in praise of our Lord.


Of course, then there were the shops.


Unfortunately for my husband, we were staying right next to the Giorgio Armani shop were I spotted this gorgeous jacket.



Unfortunately for me, he ignored all my hints…








We were also near another shop you might just recognise. And as today is Valentine’s day, I’ll post this wonderful window display. Needless to say, during our trip that diamond ring stayed exactly where it was 😉



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