Travel to Warner’s Bay, Australia with Nasreen

20150804_161104We were in Sydney so took a trip to Port Macquarie. It is a town in the state of New South Wales in Australia. I had booked a rental car online to use in Sydney so we decided to drive to Port Macquarie. When I had initially booked online, I had gone for the cheapest option. But we received a nice five-door car and the office person we dealt with was lovely. People always remember the rude ones but I tend to forget them and remember the great ones!

As I said, I had booked online and paid for it. So there were no hidden extras to be paid. (I had a different experience in New Zealand with a different company whereby there were hidden extras I had to pay on the counter.)20150804_161449

 Tip: Check and recheck to make sure there are no hidden extras when you are at the counter.

 I had booked overnight stay at Warner’s Bay before traveling to Port Macquarie. Warner’s Bay is beautiful. It is a suburb of the City of Port Macquarie. When we got off the motorway and saw the curving road beside the crystal blue lake we were to follow through to the Warner’s Bay township, it made me happy as it was a exquisite sight to behold.


20150804_161150There’s a walkway all the way through for walkers and parks for kids to play beside it. How awesome it would be to walk this path on a daily basis?


Our hotel was well-equipped with all we needed as we just needed the basics. But one thing we did need was parking for our rental car.


Tip: If you are traveling by car and booking a hotel, make sure they have parking available.


Fortunately I had checked and we had parking. After checking in we took the car around to familiarize ourselves with the place. And to look for a dinner place. It is our normal routine in a new place, settle-in and then look for food!


The streets were lined with eateries. Fast food as well as sit down diners. So the choices are unlimited.


Overall we had a lovely time at Warner’s Bay and would love to go back one day.


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