Traveling to Maui Bay, #Fiji with Shariya

                                                                                                         On one of our recent trips to Suva, we stopped over at a      beach.
This wasn’t just any roadside pit stop; it was a little slice of an enchanting paradise that seemed to be enveloped away from the rest of the world.

It  lay gently on the Sigatoka shore line, known as Coral Coast Fiji, separated from the main road by sparsely distributed coconut trees and mangroves. Once we found a secluded parking spot, my family and I set out on our little adventure.

As soon as I reached the sandy expanse, I took off my slippers and held them. Closing my eyes, I delved in the feeling; I could feel the soft warm sand under my toes, the
crisp saltiness of the air was invigorating. The beach was quiet, except for the sound of waves cascading delicately on the rocks.

My mum attempted to feel the water, but it was like the ocean was playing coy. It would take a step back with every step forward my momma took.  

The most exquisite part of the breathtaking view was a stunning pier stretching out into the great ocean.


It concluded with a small bure with benches inside. We walked atop the wooden board on the pier, tryingto catch glimpses of the various kinds of fish that swam innocently in the crystal clear blue waters. 

I was mesmerized, the sky couldn’t have been more perfect. The coolest shade of blue imaginable with specks of white scattered about, gliding ever so naturally.


It was a good day.


Shariya Singh
Final Year Medical Student, traveling and sharing my adventures here! Adventurer. Consumed by wanderlust and the magic in the world.

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